About us

As a little girl Lyla would watch her mother with adoration as she would transform from being her mother into a beautiful goddess. Then her mind would take her on an adventure dreaming of the day she would no longer be playing dress up in her mothers’ closet but looking into her own closet choosing a fabulous gown for a special occasion.

For as long as she can remember, Lyla has dreamed of owning her own boutique for one reason and that’s to give women the confidence that comes from wearing a spectacular gown.  If there’s one thing she knows for sure, it’s that all women deserve to feel beautiful from the inside out. Every event is yet another opportunity to stop a train in its tracks and Lyla wants that for you.

Whether you’re a keynote speaker at a fundraiser, a gala attendee, a graduate, a mother-of-the-bride, a Christmas party guest, an event planner or celebrating a milestone birthday, what matters to Lyla is that the dress you’re wearing helps you to feel that you own the day. Lyla says it doesn’t matter what everyone else is wearing, or what size of woman you are. She wants you to imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing your stunning reflection smiling back at you. She’ll tell you there’s no reason to limit yourself to plain and simple, when elegant, classic and sophisticated is what you’re after.

As a mother of five children, Lyla knows it can’t feel like this every day, but we can make up for it each and every time there’s a special event. She’ll tell you that the best women can do for themselves is to be the best version of you with style and glamour.

Nothing matters more to Lyla than connection, and making people feel good about themselves. It would mean everything to her if you thought of her store as coming to her closet to pick out a dress that you wouldn’t have necessarily thought of for yourself.  Lyla believes that women don’t do enough for themselves and she would consider it an honour to help you select a spectacular dress for your next special outing. Actually, you would be making her dream come true.


SouthCenter Mall 

100 Anderson Road SE
Calgary, AB
T2J 3V1


Mon-Sat 10-8PM

Sun 11-6PM